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1) Commoning by Design: ‘Deep sociology’, Participatory Action and Community Change
  • Date / time: Sunday 24 Nov 10-1pm at Ross House
2) How to Plan and Communicate for a Regenerative Economy – a Design Workshop
  • Date / time: Sunday 24 Nov 2-5pm at Ross House

Have you ever asked yourself how to transvest your project ideas from an extractive economy to a non-extractive or even regenerative one?

Ever dreamt of living a lifestyle based on solidarity and global equity and not being dependent on global production chains including slave labour?

How could this change look like and be practiced at the local level?

Are you getting ready for business-not-as-usual?

Or are you wondering about how we can capture all the values that make life worth living and not just the financial ones?

And how does this factor in how we account for the work we are doing?

We believe that business planning and idea development should not be left to the business economists only.

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WORKSHOP 1: Commoning by Design: ‘Deep sociology’, Participatory Action and Community Change

This workshop will explore the ‘deep sociology’ needed to understand how we got to where we are as a global community, what we need to do to be part of the stirrings for change and how we can best address facilitating change at the individual and community level.

Individuals and organisations interested in being part of ecological, sociological, political and/or personal change. Government and non government organisations tasked with driving social and environmental change.

An opportunity to review your role in the current change dynamics emerging worldwide under the guise of the new economy, solidarity economics, sharing and peer to peer technologies, climate activism, zero waste initiatives, federated democracy and the Commons Transition. A chance to learn about new technologies you can use in your personal or political life as an individual or within your organisation.

Learning about ‘deep sociology’ and its relevance for activism and community work. Applying a Commons Based Canvas Design using a participatory action approach to community and individual change. Learning about how to build community spaces using good governance that will encourage participation and facilitate action.


WORKSHOP 2: How to Plan and Communicate for a Regenerative Economy – an Idea Testing and Concept Generation Workshop with the Commoners Coop**
  • Date / time: Sunday 24 Nov 2-5pm at Ross House

This is an experimental workshop to evolve conventional business-as-usual planning tools to assist the creation of future-friendly and regenerative practices.

Based on current discussions around sustainability, accounting for planetary survival, post-capitalism business, we would like to invite workshop participants to co-design and participate in collective sense-making around regenerative business and project ideas.

In this workshop we aim to introduce various concepts that allow us to reimagine current business models and planning. Following a co-design approach, we will focus on collective sense-making, open idea testing and concept generation.

In the first part of the workshop we will be discussing ideas brought to the table or ways of quick idea generation. In the second part we will reframe these ideas within a regenerative economic framework. At the end of the workshop, you can expect to have developed a business-not-as-usual model based on your project idea.


**This workshop doesn’t require any previous knowledge of business planning or the regenerative economy. You do not need fully developed ideas to participate either.


The Commoners Coop is seeking new ways for human beings to live and work, connecting people, place and planet. Current activities involve supporting a range of projects in Central Victoria including the Don’t Hate Mate campaign in Bendigo, Bio-Char Workshops, Symbiotic Earth Screening and a book launch for No Friend but The Mountain with Behrouz Bouchani the journalist imprisoned on Manus Island. As well as bootstrapping a boutique Letterpress printing studio in Brunswick and developing low carbon emission web design.

*This is a fundraising event for the Commoners Coop — all workshop facilitators are working pro bono.