The Commoners Coop

The purpose of Commoners Coop is to support its members to transition into a Commons Economy.

Commoners Coop members work intentionally to develop solidarity economy projects that they are passionate about.

Areas of key interest and project development include localised manufacturing and the circular economy, organisational development, communication and branding and regenerative and place-based design.

Collectively, we are a light and diverse organisation based in regional Victoria and Melbourne, Australia.

Go here for a definition of ‘the Commons’.

We are currently working on

The Commons Activist Canvas

The CA Canvas is a framework to help visualise the underlying assumptions that drive or inhibit our responses to change. The Canvas uses a Deep Sociology approach.

Planetary Survival Series

A series of workshops and events discussing the ways and means of action in the current (and future) climate.


It is said, “There is no commons without commoning”. This means that resources (or “gifts”) by themselves do not constitute a Commons. These must be activated by community action and governance. Again, the Commons is neither the resource, the community that gathers around it, nor the protocols for its stewardship, but the dynamic interaction between all these elements.’
(For more see the Commons Transition Primer, Section 1 What are P2P and the Commons, and how do they relate?)

This is the list of Commoners Coop’s Commonings.


As the Commoners Coop we work together in emerging spaces between community activism, communication and design. 

Our work as a coop is to offer consultancy work and project development that reflects a new and emerging professional field.

Elsie L'Huillier

Services: Participatory Action Design, Community Engagement, Commons Governance
Research and Interests: Economics to Commonics, The Commons, Post Capitalism, Post Patriarchy, Post Colonialism

Rob Eales

Services: 2D and 3D design services, Web design and development, Web site carbon auditing
Research and Interests: The low carbon internet, Small scale manufacturing, Design for a circular economy

Jan Brueggemeier

Services: Communication Strategy, Content Production, Branding, Digital
Research and Interests: Storytelling, Audience Engagement, Relationship Building

Vasko Drogriski

Services: Building Design, Open food and community garden design and building,
Research and Interests: Integrating human living processes with the different living natural processes, Commons sources and commons spaces in the environment

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